This week Christian sits down with a special co-host, his daughter Mileena B., and they watch the PBS show ‘Odd Squad’.

They also announce that they will be interviewing ‘Odd Squad’ star Millie Davis who plays Ms. O. in an upcoming episode.

Here’s the description for the show: Young government agents Olive and Otto use math to investigate strange occurrences in their town. Produced by The Fred Rogers Co., this live-action series targets preschool and early elementary schoolchildren and their families. Odd Squad cases include disappearing zeroes, Santa’s missing reindeer, runaway dinosaurs, and characters who escape from books. Throughout the series, Olive and Otto learn not only how to solve problems but also about working together, communication and perseverance.

The takeaway? Unlike many shows on the WAWW podcast, Christian LOVES this show… almost as much as his daughter Mileena.

Check it out. Remember, if you watch the episode AND leave a comment below, you could win a FREE or iTunes gift card.

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